Super stylish, beautiful and made entirely by hand.┬áThere’s nothing quite like Northumbrian Tweed paired with English leather.

Encased in each handle is a core of extra strong polypropylene webbing to ensure the tweed is not stretched if your dog like to take a little tug.

The English bridle leather is cut and finished by hand, and joined to the tweed handle with brassware crafted by English Loriners. The brass heavy cast D-rings we use are typically found on saddlery work. These, along with the trigger hook attachments add a touch of class, whilst being sturdy and strong and allowing you to place your dog on a shorter lead when needed, or simply attach your poo bag carry case.

All leather stitching is done by hand using a saddle stitch for extra strength and to ensure a perfect finish.



This lead is available in different sizes. If you can’t see the size you want, simply drop us an email for a quote. All leashes are made to order so most sizes can be accommodated.


Leash care: Always check your leash for wear and tear before using it.

Leather is a beautiful fabric that must be cared for. It was gradually soften over time with use, and will give a lovely ‘used’ appearance.

Cleaning leather
Wipe the leather with a little water a mild soap, or saddle soap when required. Always dry naturally away from a heat source. Use a little leather oil when required to stop the leather from drying out. Always wash after contact with salt water as salt will eat away at the leather.

Never leave your leather products out in the cold or the leather will crack and dry out.

Cleaning tweed
Tweed is a fabulous material. Due to the nature of wool fibres, dirt tends to sit on the surface. To keep it top notch simply allow any mud to dry and then brush away. Spot clean with warm water if extra care is required.

Leather Colour


Leash Length



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